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Earlier Days

by Dayrider

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Shells exploding My day's new stars Bullets flying No man's land so far I hear it patter Each Boom's the matter I've dug myself in When will it wear thin Purpose eludes me, as does death's shot Left alone, left to count what I've got Finally! An Enemy! Something to go away. Pull the trigger but he still stands Misfire on a warring day And I'm losing it and I've just lost Mind's racing and I can't keep near Battle not mine, battle of time When I can choose I remember fear Shells exploding, bullets flying But that man of mine on mind. Holding up but he was too much That soldier of many in time Those angers released, hinges ungreased Rattle the cages, Why's life on a lease Hear a yell in the distance at the fray Just another misfire on a warring day
Falling 03:48
Distance myself from others Falling deeper inside myself I'm not sure who they're calling But he's gone, silence in wealth Stares uncertain, smiles awry Jokeless laughs, Murmurs circle I am who I am but could I be better? Or am I burdened with a scarlet letter? Dry of doubt but the stairs seem taller A step and a miss and now I'm falling I slam eject, gone as can be Confidence standing now confidence crawling Hold my ground but I've overanalyzed I'm falling, I'm falling Prepared so much yet there's always a surprise I'm falling, I'm falling Thinking relaxed though pressure on the rise What a castle to be toppled by Hi's Fingers in the dirt, black hole of worry Dragging me backward, to within myself Why am I unstable, my story so fabled Always ready but never seem to be able I'm falling
Kaleidoscope 07:20
Kaleidoscope of perception When looking through at me Who is he? Well what happened It decides who he'll be Understood as funny Laughs ever horizoned All phrases questioned answered "Who's there?" Seen joking to an extent I wouldn't dare Understood as serious To those ever ending Nothing doesn't mean I'm keen on something I just don't mind, a held bell's ring Understood as smart Always served with pretention I might as well open a massage parlor Because no matter what, I'm rubbing it in Understood as worried But then, aren't we all Can't nay say without tipping the boat In Hotel Within do not disturb I wrote Understood as an ass He's blunt and hits too hard When not a care given and a rush to end Ready to fight but be ready to fend Understood as odd Welcome to miscellaneous He could be great yet he could be crazy Terminally different, seen as hazy Understood as me When's that going to be Should I be more myself Or am I stuck in stealth
Sky Blue 09:39
Oh, and ever is it blue Could never explain it to you Look up to see it spread the sky Know not what but wonder why A canvas alone impressing Times forgotten but never digressing I gaze out to see it high The horizon falling inward No wonder we wish to rise A beauty if could I would gather And it draws me in further As the world draws on her ceiling Gravity is a need be For I'm floating up from the reeling In a world of pointless wrongs With radios tuned in to somber songs Sky Blue is a reasonless right Forever looming until the night And when Night Dark fills up above With beauty that is tough to love The unknown begin marching beneath the rays Lighting up paths when I don't know the ways Darkness falls as shadows stay Sky Blue reveals the better days.
In case I forget And the world won't relent Keep moving forward Despite time being spent In case I forget Dropped and hidden intent I mean to go on But will I settle for rent If ever I wander Home is inside Directionless and lost? Take a breath and bide My heart keeps pumping My soul must be alive How can essence fade If it's you that dies There whispers a doubt Flick and put it out There appears a route See what it's about I feel practicality fading Is that because things are simpler Maybe it's tough to be strong When life is going easy Challenges with the know how How to move unmeasured distance Reach for that level unknown But where to throw the bone If ever I try to be them Stop and try again Those the most true are those the least subdued Venturing beneath above the rest If ever I can't confess That I'm in or past a mess Let me know that the scoreboard shows Mistakes made known are stepping stones If the world won't relent If my armor feels a dent Visit a blacksmith And don't circumvent Feel it inside Life is a ride You must be this ready To stare at rolled dice If time feels spent With loans out of question Speed up the slowing down And answer what lingers If apathy drags her feet unhindered Without a care worth sparing Don't put down a foot splintered If you intend to stay through the wearing In case I forget Knows faded to I bets I'm always going to be here No matter how far I'm taken I cant help but hold on No matter how hard I'm shaken Lighthouse shine on through the sea Now anchor up, let's wake me
Wishing Well 05:54
Sometimes I make a mistake Fully knowing the reality Feels good to fire back In the way that things should be Sometimes I daze and muse Understanding of the blank stares Conversation is a casualty of confusion When discovery is the only care Sometimes I say too much With so few words spoken Truth can be a blunderbuss To those unknowingly broken Sometimes I listen to those Who have very little to say Can't see their cut corners While they stare forward on their way Sometimes I don't take a breather When I'm running down the track Yes, it's hard to move on slowly But that doesn't mean I'm going back Sometimes I wallow in contempt Or throw the compass of misdirection Weathering through with hopes of dry In a world raining with corrections I wish I was as I wish I might I wish tomorrow could be tonight I wish the truth would bark not bite Maybe then it'll be alright I flip a coin into the wishing well I say it flew but I know it fell If I can't trust others how can I trust time My paradise of tomorrow can only be mine
A Maze 05:33
It can be what you make of it If you make it alright When life's a balancing act It's harder to make things last It amazes me what I failed to see Bustling around in the hedgerows Wish it was what I now know it to be But wishes aren't well spent on woes How I made it through the maze at all To me stands higher than any wall For all the things that made me check the map again They showed me with everything there's a when Why there was a maze at all is another tale Not every boat has wind on its sail No matter where we wander through What you see in things comes from you Preconceptions are the limit for those who fail to question What could it be if it wasn't what it is That may sound like a spacey full circle in the sand But do you really think that the things which stand before you Never crawled or sat or almost didn't happen That it always was and will forever be? So as you walk down crowded streets Conversations passing by, eyes distant, and places to be Everyone you brush by is just as you Within themselves without themselves Some people are always looking And some people become what they are looking for And for all the times you've failed to try Remember failure isn't the end My eyes grow heavy as I slip away with another day I've always got to believe I'll find a way
Color 03:12
"What color is in a picture, enthusiasm is in life." - Vincent van Gogh
Welcome 02:57
Welcome world As I see you to be Things have hardly been When I was hardly me It's hard to know what's hard to say Or at least it seems to be that way You'll be inside out before they'll know what's within Might as well take heed but take what you can Leading may just be convincing others To follow you as you follow yourself The wonders of the world were made By those who wondered it through How can you hope to see the end If you stop at every twist and bend Know your limits but know when you're lying If you haven't faltered then you're not trying Just because you arrive differently Doesn't mean the destination changes Yet the windowed view of what passed you by Affects every sight that now meets your eye The world seems to come alive From the first rays of a rising sun No longer have to run or hide When there's no reasons left for fooling what can lie inside
Going 03:40
If you wait for things to be easy Waiting's what you'll be You get closer to the finish line When you take a step, not measure one I can't tell you how many times I've told myself That the lights had all but changed Why am I letting life rule me Might as well wait for the stars in the sky to rearrange A lot of things in life Feel like islands an ocean away I know where I want to be and I know how to row But I always worry I may not be able to fight the flow I'm coming to realize it's not A to B A straight line may be shortest but it's unlikely Sometimes you're a bird in a cage of circumstance But that doesn't mean you forgot how to fly As you distance yourself from pats on the back You come closer to stability A watched pot doesn't boil And watching one is quite the toil You get your mind on something and fixated on the end Oh the glory, the fulfillment, the nows if now was then But hey there, we are in the present The hardest thing to do Did you not know or did you chose to not remember Regardless, the present's calling you You're happier when you are in Warm and comfortable surroundings The soft bed of a past you know you can't change With a future that helps you drift on to the next day Long days are for when you aren't all done With a list unchecked A pen you hold in your hand And an overwhelming sense of what's to come It may not be as easy as it used to be As you want it to be As you thought it would be Things may seem less clear then they used to be When I couldn't see When I wasn't me When your world changes, it does just that Take another look at the tattered map Remember how it was, always But know what's in the cards and what game you're playing Make the best of what you've got You can't have what there isn't to have You can't win if you don't know the rules You can't get what you aren't willing to lose Get your hands on those oars and paddle on Feel content with the wind on your neck A sky above that makes light of limits And the shore you so easily left behind That's going Going Gone
Welcome aboard the SS Restrained Our servants in gold, no signs of distress When the seas are calm, we’re doing alright Anything else and we’re in for a fight Tables in order, a deck with a blinding shine You never would guess how much we’re a mess Can’t help but hope a nice breeze will take over And keep this ship running down the right line There’s a cot on the observation deck Does it ever look like home We love to see what’s coming Does it ever hurt us so I’ve slipped away from the parade To take a look inside The servants are two to a mattress And so very thinly supplied Seems I’ve found the engine room Is it ever running hot We may have pushed the limits But at some point you’ve got to stop The storage room is brimming with life We’ll be great if we make it there The boat releases a metal roar I feel a rumble, better head upstairs There’s a storm on the horizon And we’re headed straight towards it The crew doesn’t seem to care I shout but not a stare I look for the captain but he’s heading the parade I guess today’s the day I’ve got to save I run for the helm, let’s turn it around But in my way, a barricade is found Of all the places, why here? How the hell am I to steer? Are we forever dictated by the waves And what we happen to be near? I run to the captain and yell “Change the course!” He turns and slowly says, with a voice too far hoarse “This boat can never rock, never by my hand We’ve got to keep her floating, we’ve got to make land” Would you look where we’re headed? Can’t you see what’s in store? How can you expect to never turn And make it to the shore We’re headed straight in, brace yourself I’m running for the helm as they’re running from themself Trying to break the barricade, not much more I can do The servants still scurry about trying to stay in queue The sea begins to thrash the side of the boat Sky engulfed in gray with a wind's gusting song This couldn’t be the first time, but why would you ever It’s hard to move forward when you’re always holding on My hand grows red from grasping steel We’d be surprised to know how little we feel The servants are slipping and falling all around Trying to keep the show on the road The weather clears up, we’ve made it to the eye Even SS Restrained can’t keep from a smile The moments are enjoyed, the crew cleans the floor Those happy with little always deserve more We’re headed back through, all hands on deck Can’t say that we’re not used to the trek I’m working on through, the barricade’s lessened Hopefully soon we won’t be so fenced in The waves crash on deck, the sea’s never done The ocean can be played but it can never be won Doesn’t help that we’re the only one We don’t ask for help even when we need a ton The storm has passed, we’re alright We’ll live the day since we’ve won the night I call on the captain, “Wouldn’t you come here” I’ve made it to the helm, Now it’s time you’ve learned to steer Notes: I like to think of the upbeat part near 2:40 as the eye of the storm, with the storm preceding and following it. Also, I like to think the slides in the last part of the song are as waves, crashing against the sides. It's another way to look at it.
All Along 02:27
The blanks I fill Without a need My imagination’s loose And eager to explore The woulds, the coulds What ifs and more When you can’t help but wonder You’ll think yourself thin You’re stuck in your ways Because you always find a reason Yet the better places to be Don’t require this many Here it comes again They’ll always be a when Till you realize that hesitation Rash indecision and lost persuasion All are signs that can point to The holes you’re trying to come through So open up, don’t slam the door What’s to lose when anything’s more Don’t be a ghost, don’t float around You may feel less but you’re surely bound Take a stand, find out what’s right Keep your hands to yourself and always fight If you have a say let it be heard There’s life to be had from the passing of a word Should have been said for too long You always convince yourself something’s wrong Could have been done when it started The will and time were always parted Would have been no more but here we are With shoes at the door and a key in the car Don’t beat yourself up You’ve done it enough Be the strength You want to love Gather the troops and raise the flag Put your sword to the grindstone Load your wits in the chamber Get fortune in your favor And carry on The past is history The future’s for later Introduce the rubber to the road And make yourself wonder What you’ve been doing all along


This album is a collection of songs dispersed over 2013-2014.

Guitar/Bass - Brandon Schrama


released March 18, 2015


all rights reserved



Dayrider Akron, Ohio

Because music.

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