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Demos in Directions

by Dayrider

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I close my eyes and everything is gone I wander off and nothing is wrong Oh I wish I could be all that I wanted And Knock aside all the moments taunted I open my eyes and here I am Obstacles loom and problems still stand. I want to hold on but I am afraid to let go I want to move on but I need to know Wish I could dock from time's forward flow Walk by my feet and not by my arm's row Sick of waiting for what's in store I want it all and then some more So here I am and there I'll be Flying chained then soaring free.
Rediscover 04:03
I can't feel it It as in anything The tongue of a smoker The memory of a thing Close my eyes To let it be heard Constant lack of silence With few unshared words Ring ring go my ambitions Stringless enjoyment has me on hold Living near the equator of other's lives But damn do I still feel cold What was that? Oh you again I had forgotten to shut the door You caught me while I wasn't cleaning And pointed out the floor For that below is what holds me up My feet upon its shoulders Pack the bags we're going camping Leaving home like soldiers Well bye bye now, I'll see you later But not when I want to Blissful lost and bitter found The feeling is born anew
Marked with the sun's presence Basking in the wants of others Thank you for color coding yourself I know who with not to bother Twiddling your phone when comfort's absent Speaking just to feel heard Put yourself alone with you Drive yourself absurd A system of those who depend upon other's Nods, glances and smiles All in desire but none for giving Stock the validation in piles Give to them all they desire For as little as they have to return Hide your interest and sugar coat the coating They've got nothing to earn Here's the list, now check it off Leave yourself by the door so they won't scoff Become everybody's favorite nobody Open up to the nothingness Strapped through volunteering To decline and changing fads Holistic beauty and peace aside The has beens have never had
Maybe 03:43
Maybe you're just beautiful With potential around your neck Moments seem to call your name In your presence they want to be kept Maybe you're just pretty With smiles and fingers of gold Feels like everything you touch Is a treasure to behold Maybe you're just better Than those other girls around Could be what I'm looking for Is of yet to be found Maybe you're just what I think I need The cure to all the woes But if this door isn't opening Can it please now tightly close Maybe I'm just a fool With a dream inside my heart Your life's actors have been cast and I do not have a part Maybe you're just beautiful With potential around your neck Baby, our ship has sailed But I'm still glad we met
One step out But not two in Nothing's like It was before Open up Without the close Not enough I want some more Horizon's mountains Were only hills The whole time Didn't try the door What a bounty Phoenix ashes How'd I get by Being so poor This feeling now Abrupt regret The woulds and coulds Make me sore One step out But not two in Nothing's like It was before Used "Knockin on Heaven's Door" by Bob Dylan's chord progression
Oh and wouldn't you know I had to sit and watch us go Drifting out with the tide's recession Unspoken words, withheld confession Oh and wouldn't you know Time, it went so slow Moments were in my fist clenched But time it came and time it went Oh and wouldn't you know Neither of us would believe it so This moment forever but there's the end Watch the smile twist and bend Oh and wouldn't you know Can't say yes but won't say no What is anything but nearly over Abiding by the four leaf clover Yet this fault isn't of mine It ain't me wasting time But yet I hate how I tease Seems like I can't help but please Oh and wouldn't you know Your hearts harvest is not your own You took it all and then some more When I leave let's close this door Oh and now you know I hope I end up where I go Dreams alive and a happiness that comes true It hasn't been nice knowing you
See the King sit on his throne Lovers love and no one groans Accompanied by his trusty hand A lordship throughout all the land Protect me with your soldiers Give to all warm shoulders When hunting for that boar of fun Come to him, he's got some The Queen lies nearby, batting an eye Scoffing at who she pleases As she does, not just cause Some water for her Jesus The hand of the Queen is to be seen With her and always around her She brings him to speak, to tell off the weak Her thoughts no longer wander Lords from around come to court Requesting help with gold to export Seek from him profit, loose from him trust Do what you want but be who you must A jester comes along Humor in heart Give to them laughter Aim with a dart Ah, the King likes But the Queen's seen better. Send him away She says in a letter Yet the King does as the King wants Having some fun and fending the taunts The jester is one of fire and ice Moments of fun and feelings of dice Think what you want but say what you need to Part with but goodness as they will like you Watch what you're doing but have a good time Don't skip the moments just wait for a rhyme So off from the night It was as it could be On lives the kingdom Until just history
I want to crack a smile But not because I'm cracked Thrown far enough ahead Nothing seen when looking back I want to be a happy That wouldn't hold me back Nothing to forget when I remember why I laugh When the world lives shoulderless Tie me down - I'll float. Conditions with no home to have No bridge over my moat Life, you weigh too much What have you been eating Life, what's your problem Instinctually beating Could there be a reason Something to respond "Oh" For now it's going to be Can't say it isn't so Tarp the mind, there's the rain Came in past, comes again I'll hold my breath, just say when Down under then up again.
Splash 02:59
Even though life may give you lemons, Sometimes it's hard to make lemonade. The good things, they don't last long enough And the regrettables resist the fade A kiss of sweetness on my tongue As the lemons rush to my aid Too much though, and I'm left burned Wondering how pain is happiness made Find the right orchard And a better tree Grab too many lemons And send them to me Refrain from dissection Take notes and let it be Have help with the squeezing But of help, be free Add some water to make it last And let plainness feel a splash Of the sweetness you've found and live to hold Let it make you warm when you're feeling cold MIsfortune usually does not knock Mistakes recalled solo, though of a flock The hardest choices are when you have to know With white on vacation and black a no show So lemons though, Those building blocks forgotten Oh how do we want A batch that doesn't rotten Now grab a glass and take a drink Let each drop taste of an always When summer lemons give you life Make their consumption rule all days
To the Gods 04:03
I'm feeling down, face with a frown Then I hear this noise Sounds of plucks and strums These men with their toys I don't know what they're playing But I hear what they're saying And this feeling I get It has yet to be met Moments and wisdoms Crystallized in song They make me feel alright When the world feels all wrong Not english or spanish Can't be written in full But hear that James' solo With a black hole's pull Don't give me a prayer Just give me a note I'll make you a playlist Ten times Noah's boat Find me an instrument Doesn't have to have mods Sunday school's in session I want to play to the gods
The Swirls 03:00
Happening so fast Memories to last Mistakes set in cast The winds on the mast See your life stand up and high And it's going for a swirl Try to control by and by But it's going for a whirl Feel the wind of circumstance Compel you, propel you Try to stop and take a stand It fell you, I tell you That swirl you can as swirl you might Know that nothing is truly right Each pinch of sugar spiked with spite No wound of black without white's bite Close your eyes and there it went Time was borrowed and time was spent Life's tomorrow is hours new Maybe then time won't flower blue The wind dies down but the swirls are coming A gentle air's kiss and a bee's hum buzzing Hold on and stay strong for it's all you can do Picture a future you'd want to claim you As to not bleed blue For it's all you can do As to not need true For it's all you can do
Mismatched 02:15
Mismatched Detached Together apart once more Mind latched This batch? I don't know where I feel sore Round keys Square pegs I want but it won't go in Mind begs Whole eggs Knock knock, are you broken. Mind lost Who's boss Where am I within myself Map tossed Time's cost Too many books on my shelves Reading Needing A sun from which to revolve Turning Yearning This time from which I evolve Mismatched Detached Together apart once more
And the bells they go ringing And my mind keeps on singing Let me be free, Let me be me I keep on turning but give me the re Come out to play, I'll shake the string Bring out the day, I'll push the swing Knock Knock, where am I And who am I to you I want to solve the mystery So lead me on, clue by clue And the bells, they go ringing And my mind keeps on singing Through the halls of this soul of mine Cracks and peels but I'll be just fine Dishes pile up, Chores erupt Through this is the how, my handleless cup And the bells, they go ringing And my mind keeps on singing May my present be unwrapped With hope pouring from my taps Must learn how to follow myself This is the now, my sleepless health Still twisting, still turning Still yearning, still burning
Through Anew 02:06


Each song is an entry and I strive to make entries that I enjoy.

This album was quite nearly all done with one guitar through direct input recording and overdubbing.


released August 16, 2013

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Brandon Schrama


all rights reserved



Dayrider Akron, Ohio

Because music.

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